Paizo News: We Have Ways of Making You Report


We Have Ways of Making You Report

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early this month I posed a challenge to the community to report their Pathfinder Society events in exchange for an extra-early preview of art from the forthcoming World Guide: The Inner Sea. Well, I’m overjoyed to report that the targets we set were the definition of an underestimate of what you folks were capable of. Not only did the number of events taking place in October surpass our monthly average, the total number of previously unreported events that finally got reported exceeded our expectations to a level we haven’t seen since we sold out of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook before it was even released. Seriously. I’m incredibly proud of the entire PFS community, and all of you should be too! I knew people were playing, and now we can actually see how much our fans are enjoying the campaign.

As a lawful being through and through, I will now uphold my end of the bargain. Though there are still a few days left in October to increase your numbers even further, the targets are already clearly blown out of the water. Thus will I release the hostage art. And this isn’t just any art, mind you, but an image James Jacobs specifically didn’t want to reveal until much, much later. Cries of triumph echoed from Erik’s office, through the editorial pit, and as far as the warehouse when we saw the numbers, though, so you all get what you earned.


Now that you got what you wanted, don’t stop reporting. I plan to keep the rewards coming for your hard work!

Paizo News: Oh Look, More Venture-Captains!


Oh Look, More Venture-Captains!

October 27, 2010

A few weeks ago we announced 13 Regional Coordinators that we’re calling Venture-Captains. Since then, Mark and I have been going through the entire Pathfinder Society program and starting the process of making sure Season 2 ends with a bang you’ll all remember, making plans for Season 3 (which will be awesome, trust me), and going through all of the rules for the Society program itself. In between all of that, I’ve reviewed a number of Venture-Captain applications and chosen a few new Coordinators. We’re still not finished naming new Venture-Captains, but rather than sit on these names I thought it was more important to get them announced and out there building the Society in their area. And so, without further ado, here are your new Venture-Captains!

Arizona (Phoenix)
Rene Ayala

California (San Fransico)
Michael Azzolino

Colorado (Denver)
JP Chapleau

Nevada (Las Vegas)
Issak Haywood

Canada – Ontario (Toronto)
Neil Shackleton

Paizo News: We’re Listening!

We’re Listening!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There has been a lot of talk on the Pathfinder Society section of the messageboards about low-level scenarios and a potential lack thereof. Well, we’re listening, and have taken steps to fix the problem. While it’s too late in the game to change the release schedule for October or November, in December we will be releasing a new Tier 1–5 scenario set at Absalom’s famed Blakros Museum. Existing Pathfinder Society Players will surely recognize the iconic location, previously seen in fan-favorite scenarios #5: Mists of Mwangi and #35: Voice in the Void. The Penumbra Accords, written by Guide to Absalom author and Super Genius Owen K.C. Stephens, will replace #2–11 in the release schedule, and Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained will wrap up the Tier 12 “Eyes of the Ten” adventure arc later in Season 2.

Illustration by Damian Mammoliti

Additionally, we will be releasing at least one low-level Pathfinder Society Scenario each month from now on, so you’ll never run out of new material to run for seasoned and rookie Pathfinders at your local game day.

In other news, we’ve begun commissioning the conversion of Season 0 Pathfinder Society Scenarios from their original 3.5 rules set to the Pathfinder RPG, and will be re-releasing them in waves as they are completed. I’ve also assigned the first 4-star GM exclusive scenario, called The Midnight Mauler, and we expect to have it available to 4-star GMs and Venture-Captains to run exclusively for a year before it’s made public.

There’s a lot more in the works as well, and Hyrum and I are thrilled about the exciting new changes on the horizon. We welcome feedback from existing players and GMs, so stop by the Pathfinder Society messageboards and let us know what you think of the present state of the Society and where you’d like to see it go from here.

Local News: November PFS Game Days & other news

November Pathfinder Society Game Days

 6 Locations, 9 Game Days,  All 3 Seasons

Hi all veteran and rookie Pathfinders.   Fall is upon us with winter quickly approaching.  However, the Georgia Pathfinder scene is just kicking into gera and heating up!

We have 9 Pathfinder Society Game Days scheduled for the month of November!  We will be running modules from Seasons 0, 1 and 2!  Game Days locations include Raven’s Nest, Titan’s Games and Comics, Galactic Quest, Treefort Games, Tower Games Center, and my house.

All games are on a first come, first served basis.  If you reserve a seat in the message boards, your spot will be guaranteed. If you show up without reserving a seat with your store liasion and the table is full, you will be turned away.  Make sure to reserve your seat.  We don’t want to thwart any aspiring Pathfinder.

If you know of other gamers, please forward this website to them.  We are trying to grow and add more players to the Pathfinder Society of Georgia.  We also now have a presence on Facebook.  Our Facebook Group can be accessed on the home page.  Please pass this info along to your friends and acquaintances.

As always, we are looking for more volunteer DMs who wouldn’t mind running a game or two at the various different game days.  As we grow and can host more tables, we will need more volunteer DMs.  If you DM a game you haven’t played, per Paizo, you get full GM reward credit for it for one of your characters of choice.  I  have also established my own seperate rewards program for volunteer DMs. See the General Message Boards for more details.

Also, I am still looking for volunteers to serve as store liaisons at three different stores in Marietta and Lawrenceville/Duluth areas.  If you can volunteer one day or evening a month to organize and run a Pathfinder Society Game Day, please email me at and I will get you set up.  Also, if you would rather host game days at a location other than a store, email me and we can work that out.

Local News: Nov 15 Retiring Scenarios scheduled to run locally

    In the interest of allowing metro Atlanta players to play in all 5 pending retiring scenarios, we are adjusting all of our game days to run at least one of each of the scenarios.  We currently have the following scenarios scheduled at the following locations:

Oct 9, Galactic Quest (Lawrenceville) —
#11: The Third Riddle, 12-5 pm

Oct 9, Treefort Games (Fayetteville) —
#12: Stay of Execution, 12-5 pm
#19: Skeleton Moon, 6-11 pm

Oct 16 — NW GA PFS Game Day (Dallas) —
#6: Black Waters, 1-6 pm
#25: Hand of Muted God, 7-11 pm

Nov 6 — Raven’s Nest (Marietta) —
#11: The Third Riddle, 12-5 pm

Nov 10 — NW GA PFS Game Day (Dallas) —
#11: The Third Riddle, 7:30-11 pm

We will be looking to adjust additional game days to try to get each scenario at least two plays before they retire on Nov. 15. 

To reserve your seat, head over to the forums and sign up for one or all five games!

Paizo News: First Venture-Captains selected

13 Venture-Captains Help Bring Pathfinder to the World

Paizo Publishing announced today that 13 Regional Coordinators from around the globe have been brought on board to help coordinate Pathfinder Society events. Regional Coordinators, known as Venture-Captains, will oversee specific locations and serve as local organizers and points of contact for members of the Pathfinder Society, the organized play arm for the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

“Venture-Captains are a vital component in our Organized Play structure,” said Hyrum Savage, Marketing and Organized Play Manager for Paizo Publishing. “With this new structure it will be easier than ever for players to find local games and get playing right away. We’ve named 13 individuals now, but have plans for many more in the coming months.”

Each of the Venture-Captains will be the local focus for the Pathfinder Society, helping coordinate games, find local game masters, help local retail stores set up Pathfinder Society events, and get people excited about Pathfinder and other Paizo products. If you are a player or retail store manager that is interested in the Pathfinder Society, please email the Venture-Captain closest to your area for more information and instructions on how you can join. If your local area is not currently represented by a Venture-Captain please email Paizo at

The 13 individuals who have been named as Pathfinder Society Venture-Captains are:

Los Angeles, CA
Robyn Nixon

San Diego, CA
Eric Brittain

Tampa, FL
Michael Griffin-Wade

Atlanta, GA
Michael Brock

Indianapolis, IN
Mark Garringer

Detroit, MI
Douglas Miles

New York City, NY
Art Lobdell

Cincinnati, OH
Russell Akred

Seattle, WA
Dane Pitchford

Stephen White

Auke Teeninga

Diego Winterborg

United Kingdom
Dave Harrison

Set in the popular Pathfinder campaign setting of Golarion (home of the blockbuster monthly Pathfinder Adventure Path series), Pathfinder Society Organized Play follows the exploits of the setting’s most notorious group of treasure hunters, vagabond scholars, and thrill-seeking adventurers: the Pathfinder Society. With nearly 30 scenarios released annually, Pathfinder Society gives players ample opportunity to roll dice, create characters, vanquish monsters, and accumulate treasure. For additional information on Pathfinder Society Organized Play, visit, and download the free PDF guidebook.