Dear GAPFS, It’s been a great two years!

A little over two years ago, our Venture-Captain, Mike Brock came to us and told us that he was going to Seattle to become the PFS Campaign Coordinator. He also asked if one of us would take his place as the Georgia Venture-Captain. We thought about it for a really long time before answering…could both of us be Venture-Captains? It hadn’t been done before, but even if only one of us had the title, we knew that both of us would be doing the job.

It’s definitely been quite a journey! The first convention we planned and ran was ConNooga 2012, which was about 75 tables. I still remember dashing through the room, demanding that John stop running his table RIGHT NOW, as he was TWENTY minutes into the next slot. Kyle had to run a table at the same time as running HQ (big mistake). Fast forward to the last con that we just did, DragonCon 2013, which was over 200 tables run. We also ran the very first GM101 right here in Georgia, which was a smashing success. Many of the best and most generous GMs that we have today were in that class.

Suffice to say, we’ve had the time of our lives, and we have you, Georgia Pathfinders, to thank for it. Thank you for all the moments of triumph, and every game that ends with jubilation. Thanks for the nail biting near-deaths (and deaths) and the lessons learned. We hope that we have been able to bring a little bit of enjoyment into your lives by serving as your Venture-Captains!

Don’t worry, we’re leaving you in great hands. Dan Cornett is going to be taking over as the Venture-Captain of Atlanta, accompanied by Athens VC David Shaw and Savanna VC Amanda Plageman. He’s got a fantastic new team lined up to help him, with new Venture-Lieutenants Carlos, Andrew and Bart, and new Venture-Tech Korey. Congratulations everyone! I’m super excited about the energy that you’ll be bringing to the community.

Yours truly,

Nani and Kyle Pratt

Forums are Down

Everyone – The forums went down early Saturday morning, and I’ve been attempting to fix them yesterday and today. I’ll be working through today trying to get everything back up to normal… hopefully it’ll be back up tonight!

Welcome to the Pathfinder Society of Georgia website!

As 2011 has turned itself into 2012, the Pathfinder Society of Georgia is thriving and new Pathfinders are joining all the time.  We have updated our schedule over the last few months and it now includes more than 100 Pathfinder Society game days in the metro Atlanta area.  Check out our calendar for the events this month!

Pathfinder Society Game Days are currently hosted at the following locations:

Tyche’s Games (Athens) — 3rd Saturday of each month
FCB Cards and Games (Alpharetta) –3rd Sunday of each month
Manuel’s Tavern (Atlanta, Virginia Highlands) — Various weekdays of the month, generally 1st Tuesday and 2nd Wednesday.
Treefort Games (Fayetteville) — 1st Saturday of each month
Hobbytown USA (Kennesaw) — 1st Saturday of each month
Galactic Quest Comics & Games (Lawrenceville) – 2nd Saturday each month
The Golden Bough (Macon) — 3rd Saturday of each month
Titan’s Games & Comics (Smyrna) — 1st Sunday of each month
Tower Games (Suwanee) – 4th Saturday of each month

PFS Store Liaisons

We would like to thank those who have already stepped up and taken on the position of a Pathfinder Society Store Liaison as well as the Venture-Lieutenants for Georgia.  If you have specific questions about Pathfinder Society events at an individual store, you can contact them through a Private Message on the Pathfinder Society of Georgia Forums listed below, posting on the appropriate messageboard, or emailing Nani, Kyle, or any of the Venture-Lieutenants .  The current store liaisons include:

Tyche’s Games (Athens) — Sean, Knight of Roses on our boards
FCB Cards and Games (Alpharetta)Colin Webster
Manuel’s Tavern (Atlanta, Virginia Highlands)Dan Cornett and Chris Payne
Treefort Games (Fayetteville)Nicholas Gray, Jordan James, and David Erikson (David31416 on our boards)
Hobbytown USA (Kennesaw)Joe Caubo
Galactic Quest Comics & Games (Lawrenceville)John Compton and Josh Foster
The Golden Bough (Macon) — Heath Dobson, Dahgda on our boards
Titan’s Games & Comics (Smyrna)Alex Aviles
Tower Games (Suwanee)John Compton and Josh Foster


Current Needs

We have been contacted by more stores who are interested in hosting one PFS Game Day per month.  Unfortunately, to be able to host a game day at these locations, we need a Store Liaison for the locations.

If you would like to volunteer to become the store liaison at any of the below stores, you would be able to help choose which day each month that best fits your schedule, decide on what PFS scenarios you want to run, and try to find an additional volunteer GM or two to help if you needed multiple tables for your game day.  I would help you, of course, with the advertising of the event on all the various websites, continued recruiting of GMs and players, stepping in as a GM when our schedules allow, entering the Game Day info on Paizo’s website (both listing the event and recording results), and get all the promotional material (such as posters) from Paizo sent directly to the store.

As for the stores that are interested in adding a presence of PFS to their weekends, and who I need store liaisons and DMs for before we can move forward, they are as follows:

Titan’s Games and Comics — 2103 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096
Hobbytown, USA — Columbus, GA
The Dragon Lair — 409 Terrel street, Warner Robins, GA 31088
Galactic Quest Comics, Games, and Toys — 4264 Sudderth Rd, Buford, GA 30518

If you have one day a month to volunteer to GM or manage a PFS Game Day at any of the locations listed above, please contact us or any of the Venture-Lieutenants below.

Welcome to the Pathfinder Society of Georgia!  Together we can make it great!


Kyle and Nani Pratt
Venture-Captains, Georgia or
Joe Caubo, Venture-Lieutenant:
John Compton, Venture-Lieutenant:
Josh Foster, Venture-Lieutenant:
Nick Gray, Venture-Lieutenant:

Upcoming Conventions!

Within the next few months Pathfinder Society of Georgia will have a presence at quite a few conventions around the Southeast.

SCARAB January 13-16 in Columbia, SC

With over 80 tables planned and players coming from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and even Virginia among other states, we plan on having a large presence at SCARAB! Many of the regulars from Georgia will be GMing at the convention, including Venture-Captains Nani and Kyle Pratt, as well as Venture-Lieutenants John Compton, Josh Foster, and Joe Caubo.  We could always use more GMs, but you need to sign up by the New Year to receive rewards for your work.

For more information about the convention see the SCARAB webpage as well as the SCARAB Warhorn website to sign up for events!

Con Nooga February 17-19 in Chattanooga, TN

Continuing the tradition from last year, Georgia PFS will be running the Pathfinder action at Con Nooga.  The schedule for the Con isn’t up quite yet, but we’ll have at least 70 tables of PFS going on over the weekend for your enjoyment!  For general information about the convention see the Con Nooga Website and for PFS specific information see our convention forum post, where it details GM rewards as well as where the PFS schedule and sign ups will be posted.

Hope to see all of you at both these conventions!

PaizoCon 2012 Announced!

We are very proud to announce PaizoCon 2012, our annual gathering of Paizo staff, special guests, Pathfinder RPG players, and members of our message board community! 2012’s event will take place on July 6–8 at the Marriot Redmond Town Center hotel in Redmond, Washington. In addition to the regular annual festivities, PaizoCon 2012 is a celebration of Paizo’s 10th anniversary, as well as 5 years of the Pathfinder Adventure Path! The entire Paizo staff as well as a community of Pathfinder gamers, artists, and designers will be on hand with special events created just for the show. If you’ve never had a chance to visit PaizoCon, 2012 is definitely the best year to start. And if you have been to the show before, we look forward to seeing you again!

You can order your $40 three-day convention badge today. While you’re at it, be sure to pick up a ticket to the highly anticipated Pathfinder Preview Banquet, where we show off upcoming products and reveal secrets you won’t be able to learn anywhere else! The banquet has sold out every year we’ve held it, so it’s a good idea to pick up a ticket as soon as you’re sure you can make it to the convention.

This year we are pleased to announce a new location for PaizoCon: The Marriot Redmond Town Center hotel, a great facility situated along an outdoor shopping center with plenty of excellent options for local dining and quality shopping (including a game store and comic shop!). The hotel features more space for games and seminars than our previous location, an on-site bar and restaurant, and more rooms for attendees. The Marriott has extended a special offer of $85 per night for PaizoCon guests, available until June 13th. Make your hotel reservation by calling 1-425-498-4000, and don’t forget to mention PaizoCon to get the special room rate!

Stay tuned to the Paizo Blog in the coming weeks for more announcements about our Guests of Honor, special game industry guests, and events. In the meantime, please check out the PaizoCon FAQ, which answers a lot of commonly asked questions about the convention.

Please also visit, the official homepage of the convention, where we’ll post additional details as they become available.

We’re delighted to host this convention again, and to celebrate 10 successful years in game publishing! Please help us celebrate in July by attending PaizoCon 2012. We can’t wait to game with you!

Erik Mona
Paizo Publisher

Beginner Bash Box

Heard of the new Beginner Box coming out from Paizo? It’s the newest addition to the Pathfinder RPG line that’s focusing on introducing Pathfinder to new players. It comes with simpler character sheets, simpler rules, and a whole lot of fun! It comes out on October 26th, and we’ve decided to open up the Beginner Box with a big Bash!

We’ll be running four short delves at six different locations across Atlanta and Macon on October 29th. Each delve takes between 45 – 75 minutes, and uses the pregens and rules from the new Beginner Box. While this doesn’t give credit for a PFS character, if you complete all four delves you’ll receive a super secret boon that is probably the best boon outside of the Eyes of the Ten series. I guarantee that all of you would love to have this boon.

So what do you need to do? Come join us at one of our five locations below and make sure to bring a friend who’s never played Pathfinder or even a tabletop RPG before. Every location is running games from noon to five, so make sure to come!

Galactic Quest Comics in Lawrenceville
481 West Pike Street
Lawrenceville GA, 30045

Galactic Quest Comics in Buford
4264 Sudderth Road
Buford, GA 30518

Hobbytown USA in Kennesaw
840 Ernest W Barrett NW # 650
Kennesaw, GA 30144

FCB Games in Alpharetta
9850 Nesbit Ferry Road, Suite 21
Alpharetta, GA

Treefort Games in Fayetteville
150 Banks Xing, Hwy 85
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Golden Bough in Macon
371 Cotton Avenue
Macon, Georgia 31201

P.S. This is also the first game day down in Macon. Join Nani and I at the Golden Bough for their first game day!

Georgia PFS Social Networking

Did you know that Georgia PFS has a twitter account and Facebook page? Nani and I have been furiously updating our Facebook and Twitter account to keep you informed about Game Days! We’re going to keep up to the minute updates on game days, Paizo news, and other Atlanta happening on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This is a great way to let us tell you when a new game day or special event is happening. Just follow us on Twitter @georgiapfs or like us on Facebook!

Local News: Georgia PFS Expands to Macon!

When Nani and I took over as coordinators for Mike Brock a few weeks ago, we sat down and talked with each other deciding what we might want to do with Georgia PFS.  I mean, how could we possibly do a better job than the new Campaign Coordinator for all of PFS? Mike did an amazing job building up the Atlanta area into a PFS powerhouse, having game days run on close to every single Saturday of the year.  So what possibly could we do?

Well, the first question was: “We’re called Georgia PFS, so shouldn’t we have PFS games run throughout all of Georgia instead of just Atlanta?” The Golden Bough in Macon, Georgia was our first answer to this question.  We were extremely lucky to be contacted by Heath Dobson (Dahgda on the Georgia PFS forums), and decided that we really wanted to support him as much as possible.

The Golden Bough is a trendy new and used book store in downtown Macon that also hosts events at the store from time to time.  Heath and Golden Bough decided that the third Saturday on each month would be a great time to run games in Macon.  So if any of you know some up and coming or veteran roleplayers living in or near Macon, tell them to go to our forums and sign up for Macon’s first game day on October 22nd!

Paizo News: Paizo Announces New Venture Captains!

On Thursday of last week, Paizo announced the hiring of Mike Brock as the new Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator. Mike has been one of the campaign’s most prolific and successful regional coordinators in Atlanta, Georgia since the venture-captain program was launched a year ago, and we’re all excited to see what great new innovations he can bring to the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign as a whole. Mike won’t start for another few weeks, as moving from Atlanta to Seattle is quite an endeavor, so hold off on asking for rules clarifications and the like, but feel free to congratulate him and wish him the best of luck here or on the existing congratulations thread.

In addition to announcing Mike as the new Campaign Coordinator, it’s also my pleasure to announce another wave of venture-captains! Some of these newly appointed regional coordinators will be working in areas that have long been crying out for a venture-captain, while some will be stepping into the rather large shoes left empty when Mike leaves Atlanta to come work at Paizo HQ. If you’re in one of these venture-captains’ regions, drop them a line to see how you can help grow Pathfinder Society in your area.

Atlanta, GA
Kyle and Nani Pratt &

Boston, MA
Don Walker

Dallas/ Ft. Worth, TX
Jon Cary

Iowa City, IA
Todd Morgan

Washington, DC
Dan Simons

Congrats again to Mike and all six of our new venture-captains, and thanks for all your hard work thus far! The Pathfinder Society is in good hands and can only get better from here.

Mark Moreland