This…this is our Independence Day…gaming.

Fireworks! We’ve just about cleared June and headed into July.

Don’t forget that Dan Cornett, the Atlanta Venture Captain, is still mustering GMs and Admins for Dragon Con. Only 67 days left before the con.

This Thursday, July 2nd, there is a pickup game at Gigabites.

Saturday, July 4th, there is also another full game day at Gigabites. Gigabites is running under holiday hours, and our game start times are earlier than usual for both slots.



The Goblins have passed and so has June


Well, we survived (well, most of us did) the invasion of the quartet of mischievous goblins on Free RPG Day, but there’s still a solid week of gaming ahead for Georgia PFS in June!

Monday, June 22, we have a game at Battle & Brew in Sandy Springs.

Tuesday June 23, there is gaming at the Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens.

On Wednesday, June 24, there are games at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta, and at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta.

Thursday, June 25, has a pick up game at Gigabites in Marietta.

On Saturday, June 27, there is gaming at HobbyTown USA in Kennesaw, and Galactic Quest Buford.

FCB Cards and Games has games on Sunday, June 28, as does Dragon Star Hobbies in Athens.

Free RPG Day at Gigabytes and the muster for Dragon Con begins!

Dan, our Venture Captain, has put out the call for GMs and Admins for Dragon Con (Sept 4-7). You can find more information here. If you want to sign up for anything please message Dan privately. This is only for GMs and Admins, play slots will be available through the Dragon Con website closer to the days of the con. (and will be posted here when they open)

Also this Saturday, June 20, Gigabites in Marietta is hosting Free RPG Day – featuring

There is also Saturday gaming going on at Tyche Games in Athens, and Treefort Games in Fayetteville.

There is gaming on Sunday, June 21, at Dragon Star Hobbies in Athens, and our inaugural game day at Gigabites West in Dallas.

Gaming for June 8-14

This week we have weeknight gaming at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta on Wednesday, June 10, and at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta on Thursday, June 11.

Weekend gaming is happening at Raven’s Nest Games in Marietta on Friday, June 12, and Wasteland Games in Duluth on Saturday, June 13.

FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta, DragonStar Hobbies in Athens, and Titan Games and Comics in Smyrna have games scheduled for Sunday, June 14.

Onward Into June

There was much fun to be had, and we met many new players at Game-o-Rama and Momocon.

For new players from either con: click the Forum link above and register and post something in the New Member Introduction topic. A guide to starting with Georgia PFS can be found here.

For this week we have games going on at Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens on June 2, Gigabites in Marietta and Treefort in Fayetteville on June 6, and at Dragon Star Hobbies in Athens on June 7th.

It’s time for Game-O-Rama

This weekend is Game-O-Rama, happening the 21st-25th at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center. The discounted con hotel room rate is still available through the Game-O-Rama web site till 5/20.

There’s lots of cool stuff for PFS and the PACG, including a Year of the Shadow Lodge special being run.

Remember to sign up for games on Warhorn, the link is here.

For those folks unable to attend Game-O-Rama, there will also be gaming at Galactic Quest Buford and Hobbytown.

Finishing out the year

Con season has come and passed, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the year! We have our anniversary party coming up on October 18th, 2014, and we have our Holiday Party coming up in December 2014! And of course, like always, we are going strong continuing to bring you ongoing local game days!

Dragon Con is upon us!

Dragon Con 2014 is almost here, and GA PFS will be hosting one of the largest set of tables in the south east! We have over 15 tables every single slot of PFS, so please come to the HiltonĀ and check us out. We are right above the gaming headquarters!

We are already listed at gaming.dragoncon.orgĀ so purchase your tickets now. Only $3 per game, and there are slots starting at 8 AM all the way to midnight!

Saturday night we will be offering the season 6 special, Legacy of the Stone Lords, so please make sure to buy your tickets for that now, as we have sold out in the past!

See you there!