We have a solid week of gaming planned out!

This week we have the following weeknight games:

Monday, November 9th, with some Core  Giga-bites West in Dallas.
Tuesday, November 10th, at the Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens.
Wednesday, November 11th, at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta.
Thursday, November 12th,  at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta.

For weekend games we have:

Saturday, November 14th, at Wasteland Gaming in Duluth, and  Tyche Games in Athens.
Sunday. November 15th, at Dragon Star Hobbies in Athens.


Falling deeper into Season 7

Deeper into the season we go and on with the action.

First up, a shameless plug for the GAPFS Christmas Party at Ft. Yargo State Park on Dec 18-20.  There are local hotels and cabins available on site.   There will be pick up gaming on Friday and organized gaming Saturday and Sunday.  Warhorn signups are live and available here.

This week we kick off the week with some CORE gaming at Battle & Brew on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Please remember that Battle & Brew is an 18+ site.  On Wednesday, November 4th, gaming continues at the Rook & Pawn in Athens.

On Thursday, November 5th, we have the opening of a new site in Augusta, GA.  Cardboard Castle Games will be entering the forray of GAPFS gaming.

Weekend gaming kicks off on November 6th, at Giga-Bites Cafe in Marietta, and Card Advantage in Athens.  Titan Smyrna rounds out our weekend with Sunday gaming on November 7th.


The run up to Halloween that somehow involves Christmas?!

    We are closing out October with the run up to Halloween….but first, an announcement for the Georgia PFS Holiday Party Weekend:  the Warhorn is up!   You can sign up here. Dec 18-20.

Monday, October 25th, brings core gaming at Gigabites West.  Tuesday, October 26th has gaming at the Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens.

On October 31st, there is a day of Core modules being presented at Hobbytown, in Kennesaw.

The chill is in the air…or is it just in your spine?

Tis the season..

Welcome to GAPFS year six!

There was much death, destruction, and fun at the holiday party tables this weekend, both in Marietta and in Athens.  Everyone seemed to be looking forward to another year of Georgia PFS games.

Congratulations to those folks who won the challenge games this weekend and good luck in the future to those who didn’t.  There will be more challenges to come.

On Wednesday, October 21, we have the debut of a new location to kick off this week’s gaming.  Come out to the Rook and Pawn in Athens for an evening of Silverhex fun.   Three tables are being offered, so sign up and go play.

Weekend  games will be run on October 24th at Galactic Quest in Buford, and Tyche Games in Athens.

Things are cooling down…so let’s heat things up.

She wants to axe you a question or two….

The weather outside is cooling down, but the gaming is heating up.  We have a solid week of gaming that is capped off with the 5th Anniversary Parties this Saturday, August the 17th in Marietta and Athens.  Games are just about booked up, so make sure you sign up on the forums to make sure your space is reserved.


Also this week, there’s gaming on Monday, October 12, at Gigabites West in Dallas.  On Tuesday, October 13th, there will be a table at Battle & Brew in Sandy Springs, and at the Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens.  And Wednesday, October 14th rounds out the weekday gaming at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta.

We don’t have too many sessions left at Manuel’s Tavern before they close for renovations in December.



It’s Been Five Years

Goblins? Where be goblins?

October is the FIVE year anniversary for Georgia Pathfinder Society!.  We are celebrating with Anniversary parties at Giga Bites in Marietta, and Casa de Shaw in Athens on October 17th.  Sign up in the forums and come out and play!

Also, the Georgia PFS Christmas Party has been announced for December 19th at Ft Yargo State Park.  Sign ups will be on Warhorn, so keep checking the forums to see when they go live.  There is lodging available at the site and a number of people are planning on staying for the weekend.

Also, October brings a new Organized Play Coordinator at Paizo, Tonya Woldridge.

This week we have a weekday game at Titan Duluth on Thursday, October 8th.

Saturday, October 10th, will see gaming in Fayetteville at Treefort Games, and Wasteland Games in Duluth.  There will be Sunday gaming on October 11th at Dragon Star Hobbies in Athens, and Titan Games, Smyrna.

And so it continues…

Tired…so very, very tired…

Dragon Con has come and gone, leaving its trail of devastation and reward.  Here’s looking forward to next year.

This week we have games in Athens and Atlanta.

On Tues, September 8th, Athens After Dark is happening at the Little Kings Shuffle Club.

On Thursday, September 10th, FCB Cards and Games, in Alpharetta will have evening gaming.

Wasteland Gaming, in Duluth, will host a full day of gaming on Satuday, September 12th.

And on Sunday, September 13th, Dragon Star Hobbies in Athens, and Titan Games in Smyrna will host games as well.

Eleven days till Dragon Con

We are at that time – the crunch is on.

You can buy your gaming tickets at gaming.dragoncon.org.  Check your schedule if you are GM’ing and get ready to have a good time.

This week on Tuesday, August 25th, Athens leads off the gaming with core and regular games at the Little Kings Shuffle Club.

On Wednesday, August 26th, there is gaming at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta and at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta.

On Friday, August 28th, there’s a session being run at Gigabites Cafe in Marietta.

Saturday, August 29th, brings core gaming at Hobbytown in Kennesaw.

Dragon Star Hobbies will be hosting games on Sunday, August 30th.