It’s time for Game-O-Rama

This weekend is Game-O-Rama, happening the 21st-25th at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center. The discounted con hotel room rate is still available through the Game-O-Rama web site till 5/20.

There’s lots of cool stuff for PFS and the PACG, including a Year of the Shadow Lodge special being run.

Remember to sign up for games on Warhorn, the link is here.

For those folks unable to attend Game-O-Rama, there will also be gaming at Galactic Quest Buford and Hobbytown.

Finishing out the year

Con season has come and passed, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the year! We have our anniversary party coming up on October 18th, 2014, and we have our Holiday Party coming up in December 2014! And of course, like always, we are going strong continuing to bring you ongoing local game days!

Dragon Con is upon us!

Dragon Con 2014 is almost here, and GA PFS will be hosting one of the largest set of tables in the south east! We have over 15 tables every single slot of PFS, so please come to the Hilton and check us out. We are right above the gaming headquarters!

We are already listed at so purchase your tickets now. Only $3 per game, and there are slots starting at 8 AM all the way to midnight!

Saturday night we will be offering the season 6 special, Legacy of the Stone Lords, so please make sure to buy your tickets for that now, as we have sold out in the past!

See you there!

Summer is Coming

Con season is here, and after all the local cons we will have a lot of us attending the larger, far-away cons. PaizoCon is in July, followed by granddaddy GenCon in Indianapolis in August. We are expecting to see great new releases from Paizo then, Including the final release of the Advanced Class Guide!

Finally, Labor Day weekend as usual we will be bringing it home at Dragon Con! Come join us as we are fielding hundreds of tables of PFS, as well as special events and seminars. We expect to offer a large portion of not all Season 5 scenarios, the new Season 6 scenarios, the new season 6 special, Bonekeep and Emerald Spire levels. Should be a blast, more details soon!

Happenings in 2014

Welcome to 2014 everyone! As you all know, we have many gamedays going weekly, but we do have something different happening this year. For the first time ever, your GA Venture-Officers are taking GA PFS and really expanding our horizons outside just Metro Atlanta and weekly game days.

Most important announcement: We are hosting a myriad of conventions this year, not just Dragon Con! That’s right. Cons all year round. Some highlights to wet your appetite:

DATE:                 Convention:                    Location:
Feb 21-23           Conooga                           Chattanooga, TN
Mar 15-16           Not-A-CON: BUA               Athens, GA
Mar 28-30           SecretsCon                       ATL-Perimeter
May 23-25          MomoCon                         ATL-Downtown
May 23-25          Game-O-Rama                  ATL-Perimeter

Hopefully we get to see you all there and all the other special events we have planned! As always, keep an eye on our forums for more details.

Dear GAPFS, It’s been a great two years!

A little over two years ago, our Venture-Captain, Mike Brock came to us and told us that he was going to Seattle to become the PFS Campaign Coordinator. He also asked if one of us would take his place as the Georgia Venture-Captain. We thought about it for a really long time before answering…could both of us be Venture-Captains? It hadn’t been done before, but even if only one of us had the title, we knew that both of us would be doing the job.

It’s definitely been quite a journey! The first convention we planned and ran was ConNooga 2012, which was about 75 tables. I still remember dashing through the room, demanding that John stop running his table RIGHT NOW, as he was TWENTY minutes into the next slot. Kyle had to run a table at the same time as running HQ (big mistake). Fast forward to the last con that we just did, DragonCon 2013, which was over 200 tables run. We also ran the very first GM101 right here in Georgia, which was a smashing success. Many of the best and most generous GMs that we have today were in that class.

Suffice to say, we’ve had the time of our lives, and we have you, Georgia Pathfinders, to thank for it. Thank you for all the moments of triumph, and every game that ends with jubilation. Thanks for the nail biting near-deaths (and deaths) and the lessons learned. We hope that we have been able to bring a little bit of enjoyment into your lives by serving as your Venture-Captains!

Don’t worry, we’re leaving you in great hands. Dan Cornett is going to be taking over as the Venture-Captain of Atlanta, accompanied by Athens VC David Shaw and Savanna VC Amanda Plageman. He’s got a fantastic new team lined up to help him, with new Venture-Lieutenants Carlos, Andrew and Bart, and new Venture-Tech Korey. Congratulations everyone! I’m super excited about the energy that you’ll be bringing to the community.

Yours truly,

Nani and Kyle Pratt

Post Summer Update 2013

Greetings all! As you know, “con season” is now over for the GAPFS crowd now that Dragon Con is over. We had quite a lot of fun and great times, we fielded the most PFS tables that we have ever fielded, and hopefully a lot of you guys who met us at the con are coming back and joining us for games at our regularly scheduled game days. We play SOMEWHERE in the Atlanta area every single weekend! Please come join us and help us continue to grow!

Some fun upcoming local news for Q3 2013:

  • We are adding more venues in the Athens area, and towns in between Athens and Atlanta. Check out the forum for more details!
  • We may have our 6th group of GA Seekers accepting the challenge of the Eyes of the Ten before the end of the year! Congratulations to Peter, Chris and Jacob, John E., Jackson and Bart!

PFS Store Liaisons

We would like to thank those who have already stepped up and taken on the position of a Pathfinder Society Store Liaison.  If you have specific questions about Pathfinder Society events at an individual store, you can contact them through a Private Message on the Pathfinder Society of Georgia Forums listed below, posting on the appropriate messageboard, or emailing Nani, Kyle, or any of the Venture-Lieutenants. The current store liaisons include:

Athens After Dark (Athens)David Shaw (pharothan on the forums)
FCB Cards and Games (Alpharetta)
 – Colin Webster
Galactic Quest Comics & Games (Buford) – Peter Chen and Josh Foster
Galactic Quest Comics & Games (Lawrenceville) – Peter Chen and Josh Foster
Giga-Bites Cafe (Marietta)Andrew Roberts (Yiroep on the forums) and Derek Blyler
Manuel’s Tavern (Virginia Highlands) 
– Dan Cornett and Chris Payne
Otherworld Games (Dallas)
Otherworld games
Teahouse Comics (Sandy Springs)
Carlos Robledo
Titan’s Games & Comics (Smyrna)
 – David Haller
Treefort Games (Fayetteville) – David Erikson
Tyche’s Games (Athens)
 – Sean, Knight of Roses on our boards
University of Georgia (Athens)Steve Avery
Winder After Noon (Winder)David Shaw (pharothan on the forums)
World of Heroes (Dacula)Adam and David Shaw (pharothan on the forums)

Welcome to the Pathfinder Society of Georgia!  Together we can make it great!

The Venture-team of GA PFS

Kyle Pratt, Venture-Captain:
Nani Pratt, Venture-Captain:
Josh Foster, Venture-Lieutenant:
Dan Cornett, Venture-Lieutenant:
David Shaw, Venture-Lieutenant:
Andew Roberts, Venture-Tech: Yiroep on our foums
Carlos Robledo, Venture-Tech: Crobledo on our forums

Pathfinder Society in 2013!

It’s 2013, and Pathfinder Society continues to grow and grow!

Welcome the Georgia Pathfinder Society Web Page.  We are one of the largest Pathfinder Societies in the world, but we are always looking for one more.  We are currently working on the front page of our website, but it truth most of what we do can be found on our forums (  This is where we discuss Pathfinder, answer PFS questions, and schedule events throughout Georgia.  In addition, you can also find us on facebook (

The website will be getting some perk ups soon. Features already added:
Forums now have a spoiler tag.
Venues have been updated!
New newsletter and articles monthly!