It’s Been Five Years

Goblins? Where be goblins?

October is the FIVE year anniversary for Georgia Pathfinder Society!.  We are celebrating with Anniversary parties at Giga Bites in Marietta, and Casa de Shaw in Athens on October 17th.  Sign up in the forums and come out and play!

Also, the Georgia PFS Christmas Party has been announced for December 19th at Ft Yargo State Park.  Sign ups will be on Warhorn, so keep checking the forums to see when they go live.  There is lodging available at the site and a number of people are planning on staying for the weekend.

Also, October brings a new Organized Play Coordinator at Paizo, Tonya Woldridge.

This week we have a weekday game at Titan Duluth on Thursday, October 8th.

Saturday, October 10th, will see gaming in Fayetteville at Treefort Games, and Wasteland Games in Duluth.  There will be Sunday gaming on October 11th at Dragon Star Hobbies in Athens, and Titan Games, Smyrna.

And so it continues…

Tired…so very, very tired…

Dragon Con has come and gone, leaving its trail of devastation and reward.  Here’s looking forward to next year.

This week we have games in Athens and Atlanta.

On Tues, September 8th, Athens After Dark is happening at the Little Kings Shuffle Club.

On Thursday, September 10th, FCB Cards and Games, in Alpharetta will have evening gaming.

Wasteland Gaming, in Duluth, will host a full day of gaming on Satuday, September 12th.

And on Sunday, September 13th, Dragon Star Hobbies in Athens, and Titan Games in Smyrna will host games as well.

Eleven days till Dragon Con

We are at that time – the crunch is on.

You can buy your gaming tickets at  Check your schedule if you are GM’ing and get ready to have a good time.

This week on Tuesday, August 25th, Athens leads off the gaming with core and regular games at the Little Kings Shuffle Club.

On Wednesday, August 26th, there is gaming at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta and at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta.

On Friday, August 28th, there’s a session being run at Gigabites Cafe in Marietta.

Saturday, August 29th, brings core gaming at Hobbytown in Kennesaw.

Dragon Star Hobbies will be hosting games on Sunday, August 30th.

The road to Dragon Con stretches onward…

Don’t get caught flat-footed…register now to secure your game slots!

Dragon Con draws ever closer.  Don’t forget that if you want to play at Dragon Con, you need to have a badge and sign up on their site.

On Monday, August 18th, there will be gaming at Gigabites West in Dallas.  There’s also scheduled gaming at Battle and Brew in Sandy Springs, on Tuesday, August 19th.

Saturday, August 22nd, has games being run at Galactic Quest’s Buford branch.

On August 23rd, there will be Sunday gaming at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta.

Have at it and have fun!


August brings the Occult Adventurers to Georgia PFS

Do not anger Gom Gom…

The past few weeks saw the debut of the new Occult Adventure rules for Pathfinder in Georgia PFS.   Folks seem to be enjoying the new expansion and rules.

This week there will be multiple game events.  Gaming kicks off on Tuesday, August 11th, at the Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens.

On Wednesday, August 12th, there are regular and core games scheduled at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta.

On Thursday, August 13th there will be gaming at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta.

Saturday, August 15th, brings gaming at Gigabites in Marietta, Tyche Games in Athens, and Treefort Games in Fayetteville.

Sunday gaming will be going down on August 16th at DragonStar Hobbies in Athens, and Gigabites West in Dallas.

Don’t forget to sign up for games at Dragon Con online to beat the rush for tickets and guarantee your play slots.  You will need to register online to pre-order your game tickets.



The Road to Dragon Con

It is coming…


PFS signups are live here. Make sure you click “Paizo’s Pathfinder Society” when signing up for your game slots.  You’re going to have an account and log in to pre-register.

This week, on August 8th, we have Saturday gaming and our first miniatures swap meet at Wasteland Games in Duluth.

On August 9th, there is Sunday gaming at DragonStar Hobbies in Athens, Titan Games in Smyrna, and FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta.   Seats at all games tend to fill up this time of year, so please sign up on the forums to guarantee your seat.  Get your characters leveled up for Dragon Con!



Gen Con is here!!!!

Gen Con runs from Jan 30 – Aug 2nd in Indiana this weekend.  Good luck and godspeed to those traveling and participating there.

For those not journeying to Gen Con, we do have some local games going on here in Georgia.  On Tuesday, July 28 we have gaming at the Little Kings Shuffle Club, in Athens.  On Saturday, August 1, there is gaming at Giga-Bites Cafe in Marietta.  There will be Sunday gaming on August 2 at DragonStar Hobbies in Athens.

In other news – the guide for the new PFS Season is up on Paizo’s site.  Check it out.

10 Days till Gen Con! — Gaming for July 20-26

Not every dragon has its day…

Only ten days remain till Gen Con.  What’s Gen Con you ask?  Gen Con is the granddaddy of all gaming conventions.  It’s held in Indianapolis, Indiana each year in the summer.

Locally, there is gaming this week on Wednesday, July 22nd, at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta and at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta.

Saturday, July 25th, has gaming at Galactic Quest Buford, and at Hobbytown USA in Kennsaw.

On July 26th, there is Sunday gaming at FCB Cards and Games in Alpharetta, and DragonStar Hobbies in Athens.







Deeper we delve into summer….and the Dragon (con) stirs….

Hot Flumph on Goblin action

Always look above you!

We had a good week of gaming around Georgia.

This week, we have even more games in store.

On Tuesday, July 14th, we have games at Battle & Brew in Sandy Springs, and at Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens.

July 18 brings us Saturday gaming at Tyche Games in Athens, Gigabites Cafe in Marietta, and Treefort Games in Fayetteville.  Sunday gaming on July 19 will be at DragonStar Hobbies in Athens.

Are you new, and looking to get started playing Pathfinder Society games in Georgia,  look here.